How to Prevent 18 Month Old Tantrums

Everyone  has heard of the “terrible twos”, but have they actually lived through it? Yes, it’s pretty overwhelming as a parent when you’re trying to get dinner for the whole  family on the table with your 18 month old throwing a monster size tantrum at you feet. Many parents can relate to that situation in some form or another.

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If you’re a new parent or having a hard time dealing with your 18 month old who happens to be a little over dramatic or just prone to temper tantrums here are some things you can do to stop 18 month old tantrums.

How to Stop 18 Month Old Tantrums: Tantrum Prevention Plan

We all know that it’s very hard for a child to sit still for more than a few minutes, especially if they’re only toddlers. If you don’t have anyone to babysit while you’re going to the bank, shopping for groceries or anything else that may bore your child.

Try bringing a bag filled with a variety of things to keep your child occupied and busy (at this age, children are very distractable).

Here are just a few things you can bring to prevent a tantrum from happening in the middle of an errand.

Tantrum Prevention Plan
·    Distracting Key Chains
·    Mini Flashlight
·    Favorite Books
·    Toy Cell Phone
·    Snacks

Pretty much anything that will distract your child will work.

How to Stop 18 Month Old Tantrums: Prevent Tantrum By Setting Boundaries

At this age, children are constantly testing boundaries. You can help teach them that certain behaviors are not acceptable (say hitting or kicking) when they’re upset. When you see older kids throwing a fit in the grocery store because they wanted a candy bar, it’s usually because they know their parents will give in if they cry loud and hard enough.

Sometimes they’ll get what they want or sometimes their parents will just walk out the store dragging them behind with a look of embarrassment on their face.

A lot of parents have a difficult time telling their child “no”. Usually when that happens, you end up raising a child who frequently throws a tantrum when they don’t get what they want.

How to Stop 18 Month Old Tantrums: Let the Tantrum Run Its Course

Has your child ever been so upset that no matter what you did, you only worsen their tantrum? Does this sound like your child? The reason for this is because some kids need their own space when they are out of control upset. Let them know it’s okay to be upset and move them to a place where they can’t hurt themselves or anyone else. Give them a few minutes to calm down and once they calm, approach them in a soothing manner.

18 month old tantrums can be quite difficult to deal with. Just know their at an age where everything is a learning experience for them. Throwing tantrums is a learning experience for them. It teaches them their own boundaries and to self console.

It’s very normal for 18 month old tantrums to occur, it’s more unusual if they don’t happen. It’s how you deal with your fussy child that can prevent a bad mood from escalating to a full blown temper tantrum.

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